Governance and Organisation; Skills and Competence.

Who does what, when, where and how all affect outcomes.  In the dash for digitisation, automation and data, people as a key resource can sometimes come adrift.  We restore alignment and balance, which reinvigorates focus in achieving corporate goals.

We provide advice and guidance on the fundamentals of governance and work with you to design the organisation best able to deliver strategic intent. This can be extended to include control and reporting processes to embed the governance principles and behaviours. We also provide implementation support for deep-dive organisational change.

You may have the best organisation structure with the best people yet still the business is not performing how you expect or want.  Through systems and people alignment we help you achieve optimum performance levels – be that the right-sized cost base or most effective customer service.

Our tailored diagnostics cover every dimension of your organisation – and underpins our practical advice. We support all aspects of performance management.

How something is carried out has a massive impact on the staff, the customer and the bottom line.

To make sure the impact is universally positive, we forensically examine every aspect of the organisation. Our key efforts are in ensuring that ultimately the way things are done are the most effective, done in the right way in the right place at the right time.

Utilising a number of tried and tested research techniques – both qualitative and quantitative methods – we offer context-specific tools incorporating action research, systems theory, case studies; focus groups; sampling; literature reviews; interviewing; data analysis and report composition.

Compliance with UK and International Legislation Increasingly business is confronted with complex and complicating regulations and directives that require tight deadline implementation and compliance. We are happy to offer compliance auditing guidance and advice on this.